GTA Online: Manchez Scout Now Available, 2X Survivals, New Unlocks, Discounts & more

Take advantage of Double Rewards on Survivals this week in GTA Online, plus, new log-in unlocks, severals discounts and new vehicles! Keep reading.

Manchez Scout

The new Manchez Scout is finally available for purchase!

New Podium Vehicle

This week’s top reward at the Diamond Casino & Resort is the Pegassi Toreador.


gta online 2x survivals

Earn 2X GTA$ & RP on all Survivals in GTA Online!


  • Shark Camo livery for Toreador
  • Pegassi Aged Tee

Premium Races & Time Trials

  • Premium Race: Art to Art
  • Time Trial: Route 68
  • RC Time Trial: Cemetery


40% Off

30% Off

25% Off

  • Kosatka Upgrades
  • Sonar Station
  • Guided Missiles
  • Moon Pool Vehicles
  • Weapon Workshop